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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?
Our standard sizes are: 8 ounce, 4 ounce or 1.5 ounce glass jars. For special quantities please refer to our contact page and let us know in detail what you need besides "more!" We'll do our best to accommodate you.

Can I place special orders?
Yes. All orders are special to us. Help us feel special: order more!

Do you ship?
Yes. We ship anywhere in the continental USA by either USPS, FedEx, or a good friend who's allergic to chocolate. So, order more.

What are my payment options?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, check, money order, or cash at the counter if we're at a show.

OMG! I ran out! Where can I get more ?
We travel to many events in the Western U.S. Check out our schedule and, if you are local to one them, come on over and see us. And since we can't be at all places all the time there are a few special friends who carry our products as well.

How do I store it after opening?
Best method of storage: inside you! Then order more. If you really must show laudable restraint, please keep it in the fridge between cravings.

What is Chocolate Honey?
Other than Portable Bliss? It is a divine blending of Dutch-process cocoa, high quality honey, butter, more cocoa, real vanilla, even more cocoa, and sea salt into a smooth and mind-blowingly rich nearly medicinal chocolate decadence. Need we say more?

Okay, I have to ask: Where did the name come from?
Not so much a name, as the opinion of the folks who first tried it, mostly ladies. They'd taste it and sigh reverently, "Oh, *deleted*! This is better than sex!" We finally gave in to popular opinion when folks came up to us asking for it that way.

How long is the shelf life, unopened?
I've never had any last long enough to spoil... anything other than me. However, a good rule of thumb is to use any canned food within one year from purchase date. Do you really have that much willpower to hold off that long?

I'm planning on traveling. Can I bring it in my carry-on bag?
BTS is a tempting, thick liquid and, remember, security screeners like chocolate, too! Due to airline restrictions, we advise placing it (padded) in your checked bags. Or, if you can't be separated from you chocolate that long, may I suggest a relaxing, scenic train trip? You get all the time alone with BTS you need and have a restful view along the way. We can also ship to your destination so it will be there when you arrive. Order more!
BTS 1.5 ounce minis meet the TSA requirements for carry-on items!!
Now you can travel in chocolate-induced serenity on all but the longest flights. We advise checking to see how many containers will be permitted before you travel. BTS Chocolate Honey assumes no liability for damage to TSA equipment or personnel as a result of confiscated chocolate honey.

How do I warm it up?
Best method is gentle indirect heating such as in a pan of hot water. Remove lid before heating. Do not boil. We do not recommend microwaving.

Eek! It separated! What do I do?
Eat it quickly & order more! Okay, you over heated it. Take it away from the heat, stir it well, while cooling it. Serve. Order more. Repeat as desired.

Does BTS make me look fat?
Nope. BTS is PHAT, (Pretty Hot And Tempting) though, and we all know anything with chocolate in or on it is wonderful. Ergo, thou art divine, dah-ling. Spread divinity: order more!

I'm diabetic, can I still eat it?
As long as your doctor hasn't forbidden any of the ingredients, consume within reason. Dharma says, "I am a diabetic who loves her chocolate. This is my way of getting my chocolate fix all on one teaspoon."

I'm allergic to nuts. Are there any in it, or any nut products?
We add no nuts or nut ingredients to any of the products we make. It is made in a facility where nuts are sometimes used, however. Please use caution if you may be allergic.

Is it sugar free?
All the sweetness is what the bees provide in the honey, a natural source of glucose and fructose. Honey actually contains the same basic sugar units (molecules) as table sugar. Both contain glucose and fructose. Granulated table sugar, or sucrose, has glucose and fructose hooked together, whereas in honey, fructose and glucose remain in individual units. Also, fructose tastes sweeter than either glucose or sucrose, so going by taste, you use less. Note: fructose may potentially cause health problems when used in large amounts. Less is more here, folks.

Is it good for me?
Honey has anti-oxidants and has been shown to improve cholesterol and other blood lipid levels, compared to refined sugars.

Does it have preservatives in it? How does it stay fresh?
We add nothing artificial to our products. Honey is a natural preservative. To assist in keeping the chocolate fresh longer, please refrigerate after opening.

Are there any new products coming up?
Always. We are creative chocoholics devoted to bringing world peace one spoonful at a time. Our dedicated research and development team (us) strives daily to improve decadence for all people everywhere we can.

How caffeinated is the Sex~presso?
It contains genuine espresso we make expressly for our chocolate, so it is "high-test." You don't have to be a caff-fiend to enjoy it, even those who hate coffee enjoy its toffee-like flavor.

What can I do with it?
"Can you spread it on bread?" is a common question. And sure, it goes well on most anything edible: fruit dip fondue, on ice cream, in coffee. On pulse points! Viva amoré.

Anything I shouldn't use it for/with?
Soldering flux, diaper rash creme, contact lens cleaner, on the pet dog, to name a few. And anyone with honey or pollen sensitivities, please exercise caution.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Answer: African or European?

Where does your honey come from?
Only the bees know for sure. We obtain our honey locally from a fourth generation honey farmer here in Colorado. We find it gives us a higher quality product with deeper flavors.

Does the chocolate honey come from brown bees?
Only in Wonka-ville. In the real world, we partner with nature to make chocolate honey the "Old Fashioned" way— by combining the best of nature into one supreme treat. Some claim BTS comes from cocoa-bee(n)s, but we can't prove it.