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Customer Comments

Now I have to go the Porta-Potty and touch myself! - customer at a street fair

I just want to stick my finger in your Chocolate Slut!

Your product is WORLD CLASS in my books. Angela Siracusa - Award-Winning Nashville recording artist

This is better than sex!

Hmmm, I'm getting ideas for what to do with this.

Oh my ****-ing god!? (after tasting the OMFG)

This is the second best thing I've ever had in my mouth

Wow! That is in-tense!

Chocolate? Honey? Two of my favorite things together!

I feel like I should be leaving money on the bed. (after sampling honeys)

This is an oral-gasm!

Your business rocks my world! - Curtis C. Castlerock, CO

(Your products are) helping me salvage the remainder of what I am pleased to call my sanity, and I do appreciate it! - Mary Anna G. UC Berkeley