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BTS - The Short Version, for those who want the relevant points only:

BTS Chocolate Honey has only recently become available to the general public. Original BTS had been produced in small quantities for over 15 years and shared with close friends or sold at small events. After listening to comments from our friends and customers, we decided to expand our production, line of products and sales base, making it more widely available. Even though our updated manufacturing methods have increased our productivity, every jar is still produced with the same hand-crafted, attention-to-detail method used for years to maintain quality and consistency. We're sure you'll love eating our BTS Chocolate Honey as much as we love making it!

The Tale of Chocolate Honey, as told by DharmaLynne:

Once upon a time, there was a group of health-nut mamas who loved chocolate and wanted a more natural version to enjoy. Many sources and sages were consulted with little success. At last, in desperation, (they were major chocolate lovers, after all, and stalwart in their quest), they consulted a distant wise woman's tome. Inspired by her down-to-earth meals, they adapted several recipes to suit the need for nutritious decadence. They lived well satisfied ever after. Or so the story goes…

The original recipe was inspired by the health food cookbook from Moosewood Collective in Ithaca, New York. We liked the result so well, we made a large quantity to divide between us. Surprisingly, after much tasting there was a bit left over. We jarred it up and took it to an herb fair to try on other folks to resounding success. So many exclaimed it was "better than sex!" that we ended up naming it that: "Better Than Sex" Chocolate Honey.

Time passed, children were raised, careers pursued, and the friends wandered off to their own paths. The recipe languished for some years. Then several years ago I dusted off the recipe from memory and began experimenting with it to treat the kids, (any excuse to eat chocolate). Family and friends immediately volunteered to "field test" and word spread, well, like warm honey. Demand rose and, guided by my devoted spouse, production expanded until it changed from my own passionate pastime, into a small but growing venture. The result is what my husband and I call Original Sin BTS Chocolate Honey.

More experiments and inspirations have brought forth new additions, expanding our product line. We hope you enjoy trying them all as much as we do.

Eat it, tell your friends. Buy more!